Could Your Dream Car Be a Pre-Owned Car?

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pre-owned vehicle

Buying a car can be intimidating to most of us. We don’t always know exactly what car we want, but we know that we want something reliable and within our budget. Purchasing a brand-new car is not always the answer. 

If you’re looking for a car in Bridgman, MI, you might just find your dream car in a pre-owned car

Take a look at these reasons why your next dream car could be a pre-owned car. 

Save Some Money

While you certainly have to be careful about choosing wisely, typically a used car will save you some money. It’s no secret that a brand-new vehicle often costs more. And you know that they lose some of their value the minute they leave the lot. 

The sticker price of a used car is going to be less. That price is often based on the condition of the vehicle, how it was maintained, and the mileage on the car. Of course, the make and model can also affect the price. 

Pre-owned cars from a dealership will save you more in regards to how much you pay for the physical car. However, it will also save you some money in other areas too. Here are some examples of cost savings potential: 

  • Insurance costs
  • Tags and registration
  • Taxes
  • Depreciation
  • Miscellaneous fees

If you happen to downsize your car to something more fuel-efficient, you might save some money on your fuel costs, too. 

pre-owned vehicle

Reduced Risk

You’ve heard the horror stories of purchasing lemons from used-car lots. It’s always been a risk to buy used because you simply don’t know how previous owners treated the car. You don’t know if the dealership could be aware of issues that they don’t share with you. 

It certainly can be risky. However, there is far less risk than there used to be. With the increase in technology and reporting, the history of a car is much easier to find. The history is tied specifically to the car’s VIN (vehicle identification number). 

A detailed VIN report can show you anything that has ever been done to the car. We’re talking about something as simple as maintenance to accidents, titles, and more. The challenge is that there are still cars out there not tied to a report. To reduce your risk as much as possible, be sure to look for a car that does have reporting. 

Warranty Coverage

Purchasing from a dealership can be beneficial when you look for a pre-owned car. Most dealerships will certify their pre-owned vehicles and then provide warranty coverage for you as well. If the used car is certified, this means it has been inspected and certified by the dealer. Those are the cars that provide a warranty. 

It’s quite possible you will drive away and later find an unidentified issue since it is a used car. But you can rest assured that your warranty will cover major issues. If you stumble across a concern, get it taken care of right away. Most warranties are limited to a certain number of years or mileage. 

With that being said, always make sure you know the details. Just because you have a warranty doesn’t mean it’s always going to cover you. Make sure you get to know the terms of the warranty and the types of things that might not be covered. 

Certified Pre-Owned Vs. Used Car

The terms “certified pre-owned” and “used” typically mean different things. This is especially true when purchasing from a dealership. 

Certified pre-owned vehicles are certified by the company. In order to be certified, they must be able to pass a specific inspection process. This inspection looks at more than 100 things about the vehicle in question. Not every inspection is exactly the same, but there are some similarities. 

Those inspections review all of the major components:

  • Electrical 
  • Safety
  • Suspension
  • Mechanical
  • Body
  • Interior 

A used car, on the other hand, does not necessarily have to go through this type of inspection. 

They are both used cars. The difference is that one category is inspected and certified while the other is not. It may have been inspected and simply couldn’t pass, or there could be some other reason for it not being certified. 

Consider Financing Options

When it comes to financing a car, choosing to go with a certified pre-owned car might get you the best results. You need to consider what type of payment you want and how much you’re willing to finance. 

We will point out that financing a certified pre-owned vehicle is also typically a better option than simply a used or non-certified vehicle. New cars and certified pre-owned cars are most likely to get the best interest rates and financing terms. 

Of course, a pre-owned car will be much more affordable than a new car, regardless of deals and rebates. 

Negotiating is an Option

Buying a pre-owned car as your dream car gives you a little flexibility. In most cases, you can negotiate with the dealership. Chances are they have a bottom dollar, which is not what the car is listed at. 

Their goal is to sell cars. They do have some limitations, but there are often many details they can work with you on. If you feel a car should be worth a certain dollar amount instead of their asking price, make an offer. 

You can be prepared by looking at inventory before you go and getting to know the cars you are interested in as well. This gives you more knowledge to work with in negotiating. 

Pre-Owned Cars in Bridgman, MI

If you’re ready to find the pre-owned car of your dreams, we can help! Straight off Red Arrow Highway in Bridgman, MI, we offer a selection of pre-owned and certified pre-owned vehicles. 

How can we help you get into the car of your dreams?

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